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The building of the Kingdom of God must involve all the stakeholders of the church; these are the clergy, religious and the laity. Each individual Christian participates in his/her capacities according to each person’s situation in life. But we know that life of witness is a major tool in the work of Evangelization. The Sunday Christians who do not live the Gospel outside the church building stalls the growth of the Kingdom of God. The gospel is lived and as is lived, the Kingdom of God is enhanced through life of witness. It means that the root of evangelizing activity is the healthy relationship with Christ. Missionary cooperation is rooted and lived, above all, in personal union with Christ. Only if we are united to him as the branches to the vine (Cf. Jn. 15:58) can we produce good fruit. Pope St. Paul VI in his Exhortation “Evangeli Nuntiadi; said “Lay people whose particular vocation places them in the midst of the world and in charge of the most valued temporal tasks, must for this very research exercise a very special form of Evangelization.” (EN 70) The doctors who fall on the lay category as a major component as stakeholder of the church, as Christians must participate in this missionary activity of the church. We have already cited that a life of witness is vital in the work of missions. Therefore, the Doctor who believes in God and who affirms God’s creation positively, and treats his patients, with dignity with the intention of providing adequate health care to them, is said to be actively involved in the missionary work. Any other person in his/her state in life, the undertakings must be geared towards building the kingdom of God. A doctor who participates in the restoration of the health of a person shares in God’s creative activity. By relieving the suffering and pain from our people in the spirit of serving God, Doctors participate in the mission of God, of saving the world. Our Objectives The Objects of the Association are; To promote high professional standards in the practice of medicine and dentistry, ethically, respecting human life from conception to natural death; To respect and adhere to the teaching of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church in the practice of the profession; To provide a forum for the members to know one another; To encourage and promote better understanding among the members of the teachings of the Catholic Church; To offer opinion an any developments in the medical, dental and societal policy; To encourage members to volunteer to carry out charitable works in line with their profession as a way of assisting the Catholic Church to reach out to more people; To formulate Rules and Regulations to be adhered to by the members. To levy such charges from members to enable the Association to achieve its objects.

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